Making sure that the lawn is well-maintained is one of the simplest ways to make sure the curb appeal of your home makes people feel welcomed …

Almost everybody is familiar with the idea of what “curb appeal” is in reference to how someone makes a snap judgment about your home by how it appears. It takes only a moment for someone to decide if your home meets their standards based only on what they see from the outside. Making sure that the lawn is well-maintained is one of the simplest ways to make sure the curb appeal of your home makes people feel welcomed.

While that can sound easy enough, sometimes getting the back and front lawn to look beautiful, immaculate and attractive can be a daunting task, especially if there have been some problems with the health of your lawn recently. Below is a collection of lawn care tips and suggestions that can help you cultivate a lawn that draws people to your home, welcomes them, and gives your curb appeal a real boost.

Tip One: Have the soil tested so that you know what kind of fertiliser you should add to the lawn area to provide the grass with proper nutrition. Local agricultural extension agencies often offer this service for free or at a very low cost.

spraying weed killer on lawn

Tip Two:

Have a regular lawn maintenance routine that includes fertilising three to five times every year. Make sure this is done on a regular schedule and is the right kind of food for the grass in your garden lawn. The extension agency can also help you with information in this regard as it relates to your local area.

Tip Three:

When undertaking lawn mowing during the heat of the summer, cut it at the maximum height your lawn mower allows. This helps keep the grass from drying out as fast and even provides shade to the ground which helps prevent the loss of moisture. This will help conserve water and it will also help the lawns to crowd the weeds out. During the cooler and wetter times of the year you can set the lawn mower to cut lower according to your preferences.

Tip Four:

Water about one to one-and-a-half inches once a week. When you water briefly every day, you are encouraging your lawn to develop a shallow root system. Watering only once a week helps develop nice deep roots which can better withstand hot, dry summer weather.

Tip Five:

Aerate at least once or twice every year. This also helps promote lawns with deep root systems and helps the water and lawn food to get past the surface and down to the roots where it does the most good. Aerating also helps undo the effects of soil compacting, which is a particular problem if you use a riding lawn mower to help with your lawn maintenance.

Tip Six:

Keep the blades of the mower good and sharp. Dull blades actually rip the ends of the grass blades and cause a ragged look and contribute to browning at the ends. Also, you should do your lawn mowing in different directions each time you mow. This helps avoid ruts and soil compaction problems.

Tip Seven:

Watch for signs of dead areas. Such dead patches can be an indication of an insect problem or disease that is attacking your home and garden lawns. When you see this, you should not treat the problem until you know the cause. Your local extension agency will be a great help in this case also.

Tip Eight: Control weeds with the use of quality herbicides. You can do this separately or look for a fertiliser that also contains weed control components.

These simple tips should give you a good starting place from which to improve the health, vitality and appearance of the lawn that is the introduction to your home. With careful lawn maintenance you will enjoy great curb appeal and you will also be able to use and enjoy your yard more fully.

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