Some of the best lawn mowers available today all have one thing in common; they really need seriously sharp blades. We will take a look at some of the best lawn mowers that hold blade sharpness as well as when they need to be sharpened, how easy they actually are to do sharpen.

There are varying qualities of steel; ones sharpness as well as how well they’ve been tempered. So we’re going to try to take a look at all of the best possible solutions and the best possible makes and models of Flymo that have the hardest and sharpest blades.

Genuine FLYMO Turbo Compact 330 Vision Lawnmower blades are probably some of the best on the market.

The most logical pick is the Flymo XL500 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower Honda 160 cc Engine because of power and price and this beast of a lawn mower: Flymo XL500 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower is for sale at Garden Tool Box. You don’t have to worry about what blades are on this beast, it just cuts through no problems at all.

Flymo XL500 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower Honda 160 cc Engine
Flymo XL500 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower Honda 160 cc Engine

Different flymo models

There are so many different Flymo models that I feel we ought to go through some or all of the different varieties and types of them that you can buy on the market today. They’ve got such an extensive range that they’ll almost certainly have something for your garden and potentially for larger or commercial projects they may have something for you too.

Hover Lawn Mowers

Hover lawn mowers are the most cool and efficient model lawn mowers in gardening terms. You simply can’t go wrong with a flymo hover lawn mower because it’s just so well designed. Extremely economical and always run on time as well as powerfully. If you are thinking about an overall cost and price then hover lawnmower is always the way to go for pound for pound.

Wheeled Lawn Mowers

Wheeled lawn mowers are a useful tool if you have got a beautiful garden and are really worried about damaging grass. Grass is easily damaged by Flymo’s or perhaps even and electric lawn mower whereas a wheeled lawn mower will actually do less damage to the grass because of the surface area. If you think about the fact that you’ve got wheels running across the grass it also means that it’s a much smoother transition is there any rocks or if the train is a little bit difficult to manage then it’s a huge advantage over something like a hover lawn mower which would get caught continually or stuck. They will give you far more manoeuvrability and far more control with a situation whereby you’ve got an uneven lawn and this reduces reliance on quality blades too as they are less often damaged.

WORX WR130E S300 Landroid Robotic Mower 300m
WORX WR130E S300 Landroid Robotic Mower 300m

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic lawn mowers of the coolest thing around at the moment and they’re actually really smart because they’re actually designed to cut the perfect for you and they can be controlled and operator and two orders efficiently. It means you can just set them off on their way and they accurately managed to scan the grass and cut it to a depth that you require. There is a couple of issues in one of those is the fact if you can’t rocks or anything similar they do tend to get caught or they moved away from the area and it could leave to patches performing in your garden. The other problem with the robotic grass cutter is the paper they almost certainly going to be battery powered and so they don’t last all that long. One of the best battery powered ones out there belongs to Flymo but unfortunately it doesn’t really have that much in terms of battery life span which means you can’t cut all that much grass.

Electric Lawn Mowers

I really like electric lawn mowers because they’re one of the best value for money out there especially if it’s a chord inversion. The chord inversions are far more expensive than the battery powered versions but then ultimately it comes down to what you can afford and how much comfort you want. Because the electric lawn mowers are really quite a pain because you have to get yourself out and extension reel and also you have to move around the garden which means that if you’re in a situation where the lawns wet or it’s damp it actually quite dangerous and can cause the electric to turn off. By contrast a cordless battery is really useful but not quite as effective as an electric lawnmower in terms of a cold one which has more power. If you think about the overall cost as well it all boils down to your personal consideration.

cutting the grass with lawn mower
cutting the grass with lawn mower

Cordless Lawn Mowers

Overall all these models are good it’s just a case of which one is best for your circumstances As we just mentioned above because it really is down to the cost. If you can afford it then obviously go for a cordless lawn mower because they were coming incredibly amazing and they’re really extremely powerful with you think about the fact that they are running on a battery and they normally have an operation or span of a least 30 minutes which is more than average garden personally I like to see cordless lawn mower one of the best options out there. In fact I think about cordless lawn mower you have to think about a petrol one as well and that’s why I believe the Petrol Flymo 500 is really the one for the job if you’ve got a garden that of reasonable size and it’s a pretty stable and sensible lawn that’s been well looked after.

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